ExPIC 2012 (May 14-15, 2012)

6th ExPIC, Kuala Lumpur 2012

ExPIC 2012, the 6th Explosion Protection Industries Conference was successfully held on May 14-15, 2012. ExPIC strives to promote awareness and advances in Explosion proof technology, latest revision in IEC standards for equipment in Hazardous Atmosphere.. ExPIC 2012 was attended by 65 participants.

Section of ExPIC 2012 participants.

Rob Watson presenting IECEx.

13 papers were presented, starting with IECEx Secretariat, Australia presenting the IECEx International Certification System covering IECEx Certified Personnel Ex Competency, Certified Ex Equipment Repair Facilities and IECEx Certified Equipment Schemes. Other presentations were by IEC Experts on Basic and 'State-of-the-Art' Explosionproofing Technology, Practical Approach to Installation, Maintenance & Inspection of Ex Equipment, Importance of SIL & Ex Compentency Certification. The titles of the 13 papers are given below:

  1. IECEx Schemes
  2. Principles of Explosionproofing
  3. Basics - Type of protection
  4. Requirements of electrical machines types of protection «e» and «n» What are the differences?
  5. State of the Art (ATEX and IECEx)
  6. How to identify explosionproof equipment?
  7. Service Facilities
  8. Electric heating system
  9. Malaysia's direction and participation in the IECEx
  10. Batteries in explosionproof equipment
  11. Importance of SIL and Ex Compliance for Industries
  12. Inspections and maintenance of electrical machines with respect to the newest requirements of the IEC 60079-17
  13. Practical approach to Ex installations according to the requirements of IEC 60079-14 and the inspection requirements of IEC 60079-17

ExPIC wishes to be the premier Asian forum for the exchange of experiences practical applications of electrical and instrumentation technology in the industries with explosive atmospheres like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Biodiesel, Utilities and Industries with dust & fibers.

Gerhad showing video on Explosion.

Participants Robert Foo, Petron seeking clarification.

Ex Equipment Basic - Dr Wittler.

Ex Mahines Repair - Dr LIenesch.

The Board of Engineers (BEM) through the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) approved the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours for this ExPIC event to be 10.5 hours, (ref: IEM12/PP/022/C). The IEM CPD auditor, Ir Loo Chee Kin who attend the event comment that the conference was commendable.

The date for the next ExPIC, the 7th ExPIC will be announced in end Oct 2012.

Peter's Session.

ExMC Cahirman, Ir Faudzi on Malaysia IECEx Participation.

Petronas Principal Engineer Ir Harindran on Importance Of Safety for Industries.

Dr Lienesch, PTB on IEC 60079-17 Stds on Inspection.

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