ExPIC 2009 (Nov 16-17, 2009)

4th ExPIC, Kuala Lumpur 2009

ExPIC 2009 In Progress

ExPIC 2009, the 4th annual Explosion Protection Industries Conference to promote awareness and advances in technologies for equipment in explosive atmospheres was conducted successfully with 80 participants. 10 experts presented a total of 16 papers over the two days conference.

Ir Haji Naguib, TC EEA Chairman on
Malaysia's Direction On Ex Standards.

Wenglorz on Instrinsically Safety.

Dr Wittler on Ex Equipment Repair Standards.

Dr Lienesch on Guide To Ex Motor Rewinding.

The papers presented include latest research, trends in Ex equipment design; sharing of the experts experiences in regarding Ex installation, maintenance, inspection; clarification & interpretation of Ex markings and Ex certificates; latest revisions and pending changes in the IEC standards on equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.

ExPIC 2009 was held in Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya on Nov 16 & 17, 2009. The Board of Engineers, Malaysia approved 8 CPD hours for Professional Engineers attending the full conferences - Approval Ref: BEM/REG/12 Jld.1.

Manggau, Shell Brunei on Ex Motor Repair.

Ir Haji Halim on Petronas Ex Inspection Plan.

Ir V Harindran On Hazardous Area Instrumentation.

ExPIC 2009 invited expertises from Germany, Switzerland and Malaysia who are experts in different ex area to share their experiences, new industries standard and requirement. The presentation topics were as per stated below:

  1. Explosionproofing Standards & Requirements – Malaysia’s Direction
  2. Hazard Identification (HAZID) - A Plant Layout Prospective
  3. Marking
  4. IECEx Scheme Certification System
  5. Trends IEC 60079-14 Electrical Installations design, selection and erection
  6. Intrinsic Safety – Verification & News from the Standards
  7. Repair of electrical equipment according to IEC 60079-19
  8. Guidance for repair of low voltage windings systems of electrical machines
  9. Petronas Ex Inspection and Impact To The Ex Related Industries
  10. Intrinsically Safe Bus Systems – Introduction to FISO
  11. IEC 60079:
    Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres -
    Part 15: Construction, test and marking of type of protection "n" electrical apparatus
  12. Temperature measurements of electrical machines to specify the temperature class
  13. Instrumentation for Hazardous Area
  14. Electric Heating Systems for Hazardous Area
  15. Motors for applications in hazardous area
  16. Service Facilities and Personal Competency

Ex Experts - Peter, Lienesch, Wenglorz, Whittler, Gerhard

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