ExPIC 2010 (Nov 22-23, 2010)

5th ExPIC, Kuala Lumpur 2010

ExPIC 2010, the 5th Explosion Protection Industries Conference Conference to promote awareness and advances in Explosion proof technology, latest revision in IEC standards for equipment in Hazardous Atmosphere was held in Hilton Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on 22nd and 23rd November 2010. The conference was attended by 80 participants, including engineers from Petronas, Shell, Sirim, oil & gas and petrochemical related companies.

Dr. Frank Lienesch, PTB delivering UNECE WP6 on Global Ex Equipment.

ExPIC2010 in session.

16 papers covering Malaysian Direction for Ex Regulations, Petronas selection criteria for Ex Equipment, Sirim role, latest advancement in Explosion Protection Technology and Standards were presented by a total of 10 Malaysian and overseas experts. The titles of the 16 papers are given below:

  1. Ex Competency – Malaysian Perspective
  2. UNECE WP6 on International Legal Requirement For Ex Products
  3. IECEx certified service facilities program covering repair and overhaul of Ex equipment
  4. Influence of an extended ambient temperature range on the design specifications
  5. Painting of electrical machines
  6. Status IEC 60079-14 Electrical Installation Design, Selection and Erection
  7. Use of battery-powered equipment in hazardous areas requirement's according to standards
  8. Marking according to ATEX and IECEx scheme
  9. Ex Equipment Selection Experience Sharing
  10. Converter drives - General requirements and problems with net/grounding
  11. Standard Development Processes and Malaysia participation at national and international standardization activities
  12. Is the operator being misled? (Have you ever mistaken an “X” for a “U”?)
  13. Special protection “Ex-s”
  14. Incorporating IEC 60079 Standards in IEC 61508 and 61511 Safety Standards
  15. Flameproof enclosures
  16. Electric heating systems

ExPIC strives to be the premier Asian forum for the exchange of experiences practical applications of electrical and instrumentation technology in the industries with explosive atmospheres like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Biodiesel, Utilities and Industries with dust & fibers.

Announcement and information on ExPIC 2011 will be available in this website in early January 2011.

Pn Amzidah, Sirim QAS presenting IECEx Certified Service Facilities Scheme.

Peter Thurnherr, thuba presenting latest changes in IEC 60079-14 Standard Convenor.

Ir Haji Halim (Petronas) presenting Petronas Ex Equipment selection Experience Sharing.

Pn Marina, Sirim presenting Sirim Berhad and Standards Malaysia's Role.

ExPIC participants curiously listening to the presentation.

ExPIC secretary, Quah, with Gerhard, Dr. Michael Wittler, Peter Thurnherr, Dr. Frank Lienesch.

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